Interview with Karl Magi from Suite 101

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yana Klimava is an artist who works in watercolour and acrylic. She creates images that capture light and landscapes in her work.

Yana Klimava explores the visual world through her watercolours and acrylic works. Klimava grew up in Belarus where she attended the Minsk Lycaeum of Visual Arts. She finished high school in Canada and went on to Carleton University's School of Industrial Design. She's been living and working in Calgary for three years and I talked with her about her artistic practice and the intersection of art and design.

During our conversation we talked about what has inspired Klimava as an artist. She says, "One of the most influential things in my life comes from my early childhood. It was a small art class where kids were given all the freedom they wanted and no one ever assumed anything and no one judged. I do actually keep in touch with my teacher from that class. He definitely erased the fear of the white paper and helped me along with expression and not being afraid of what the result will be."

Another major influence, Klimava tells me, was her formal artistic training. She says, "My opinion is that in order to be able to do stylized work you need to have a foundation of classical training, You can always fall back on it. It gives you an understanding of the world and you can make it your own. By no means have I excelled at being a classical painter yet. Its just something you constantly have to be working at."

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