Fine Tec Watercolurs

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an art art store and bought one thing we have never used before to learn something new.

Although I am quite familiar with watercolours, this Fine Tec set really intrigued me as I have never seen iridescent sparkly watercolours and had no idea how they would look on paper. So I bought the set and started thinking about the subject of my next painting that could showcase this medium.

This is Malvina. She is a character in an old Russian movie for kids, based on Pinocchio. I thought that a portrait of her would be quite suitable for the medium.  I wanted to make her almost doll-like and cute, but with a coldness and sadness about her that leaves the viewer uneasy.

Verdict about the Fine Tec iridescent watercolours: very nice although not readily noticeable effect that works best over dark/saturated colours. It was nice to see that the six iridescent colours were indeed quite different from each other when applied on paper.

Next, I would like to try to paint a winter landscape I think that those colours would look great on a subject like that.