Industrial Design

Mr. Roboto Rapid Prototyping

A dancing robot created together with Scott Bodaly and Heather Lam

Kara Kitchen Brush

A soap dispensing kitchen brush inspired by the look and functions of a squid.

Final model of the kitchen brushKara 3D Model created using SolidworxWorking out the deatils, merging insiration with functionality.Kitchen brush in use.

Modo Chair

A portable folding chair.

Nine Men Morris

A vacuum forming exercise carried out with Jesica Tien and Heather Phaff

Retro Boom

A conceptual MP3 player inspired by the look of the boombox.

Final modelInitial sketches exloring form and proportionFinal directionPresentaion boerd showing overall dimensionsProduct illustration done in Adobe PhtoshopVarious features

industrial design portfolio